It has been a while…

Between Facebook and Instagram, is there still a viable reason to have this blog? Maybe what I should focus on is making some jewelry.

Getting a fresh start. Melting in scraps. Pouring ingots.

Rainy Friday Night

Display is something I struggle with. It takes so much abuse in the transport, that it looks old after just a few events. Jet in order to present my jewelry, I want it to look fabulous! My last attempt was sewn out of cream colored linen fabric and showed signs of wear after just one event. Really bad idea. I do not even want to think about the investment if time. Let’s try another approach:

So in this latest re-build I am choosing to craft jewelry stands out of Poplar wood and am staining it in a dark  ‘Ebony’ finish

 It NEVER get’s boring in the studio. Though on this rainy Friday evening, I am hanging out, waiting for the stain to dry. ….ha”What a perfect time to install wordpress on my mobil and experiment a little…”

Back to wood work. In a few days this display will get exposed to the sun, during my first show of the year and I hope it will fair well!

The 4 letter word : WORK

A good thing I enjoy what I do. These last weeks have been intense. I got through the holidays and went full force into building a new display for the upcoming show season. This one is made of steel and wood and glass and I can’t wait to put it together for the first time. The next show is starting¬† in 2 weeks and I am not ready jet … B U T, new business cards are designed and ordered, the graphics for the new banners are print ready. The website is undergoing some massive changes – and while I am hoping to improve it…I am proving to be a code breaker!

The devil does sit in the details. One missed dot or a plural ‘s’ and the page does not load! This is turning out to be my personal puzzle and I hope these daily efforts, the constant tinkering with it, will result in some strong post show sales.
Today is also the day the new display elements I ordered ought to arrive and ….and I am wrapping my head around some tax paperwork, so it’s done!

Time to get out of the pyjamas and get into the studio.